Martúe 1313

Meticulous coupage of the Syrah (50%) and Malbec (50%) grape varieties, from the oldest vineyards of the Campo Martuela and El Casar de La Guardia Martúe estates.

Each variety has been fermented separately with long maceration and then the wine remains in French oak barrels for 20 months.

Nice cherry dark coloured wine. High intensity, attractive aroma, where different features appear: cocoa and cedar at first, then blackberries, raspberries and black plums and some dry wood. New aromas arise on each turn of the cup. Enters the mouth filling up every space. Fleshy, tasty, greedy, complex but very understandable. The fruit and the vintage hints are perfectly blended here. Fills the end of the mouth leaving a long, nice memory.

A great wine. The “2013” is the thirteenth harvest we have produce in Martúe, and the first one was made with grapes we have planted 13 years earlier in our "Pago Campo de La Guardia".

To commemorate this, we have selected the 13 best barrels in tribute to all those who have made it possible for us to reach so far.


Alcohol: 15% Vol.

Production: In the 2013 harvest, bottling in 3.113 bourgogne and 313 Magnum bottles.

To assure it maintains all of its qualities, this wine has not been subject to excessive stabilisation and filtering treatments, therefore overtime small deposits of natural sediment may appear.

Conservation: The bottle should be stored laid on its side, in a dark room without vibrations and at a stable temperature of between 15-20°C.

Pairing and Consumption: Ideal to pair with roasted, grilled, stewed and braised meats and with strong cheeses.

Serve at a temperature of between 15-17°C.

To assure all its qualities, decanting 20 minutes before serving is recommended.

Información adicional

Type of product Vino Tinto
Appellation of origin Pago de Campo de la Guardia
Origin Toledo
Grape Malbec (50%) and Syrah (50%)
Volume 750 ml
Pairings Ideal to pair with roasted, grilled, stewed and braised meats and with strong cheeses.
Envejecimiento It matures for 20 months months in French oak barrels.
Graduation 15,00%
Optimum service temperature Serve at a temperature of between 15-17°C.

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