BN Pie Franco Vallehondo 2016

Exclusively produced with ungrafted Verdejo grapes from vines almost one hundred years old. A special limited 8,906 bottles edition, a selection of our very best 2016 Pie Franco from the hawthorns in Paraje Vallehondo in Nieva.

After its manual harvest, the grape juice is fermented at low temperature in order to keep its whole fruit and mineral power. A shiny, clean wine of crystal pale yellow colour with the greenish reflections of the Verdejo variety.

 A contained but very complex aromatic intensity, with the unique minerality of the terroir, chalky hints and well integrated white fresh fruit. We also find some balsamics and hints of aromatic herbs that are characteristic to this variety.

A very silky entry due to the aging over thin lees, without losing the Verdejo character in its final bitterness, which gives longitude. We find balsamic aromas again and good acidity in the aftertaste.

The result is a fresh, elegant and aromatically complex wine, broad in the mouth, which makes it persistent. A treat which will surprise when tasted for the first time.

 Limited production

8,906 Borgogne 0.75 L bottles.


Conservation of the bottles in horizontal position, in a dark, vibration – free place, in a stable temperature from 15 – 20 ºC is advised.

 Pairing and consumption

Recommended for cold dishes, starters, seafood and lightly cooked fish and white meat.  

Best served between 8-10ºC.

In case it is not cold, cooling inside an ice bucket is advised.

Best served thorught 2018 and before end of 2019.

Información adicional

Type of product Vino Blanco
Appellation of origin Rueda
Origin Segovia
Grape VERDEJO 100%
Volume 750 ml
Pairings Recommended for cold dishes, starters, seafood and little elaborate fish and white meats.
Envejecimiento 9 months bottle creation
Graduation 13%Vol.
Optimum service temperature 8-10ºc

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